Coffee without a cup? Ah yes! Experience your morning Joe in a whole new way.


Did it fall off a tree or come from the ground? Who cares?

Strawberry and Banana = Awesomeness!

Peanut Heaven

No campfire or stick required. Skip the fire roasting and grab one of these smores in a ball!

The aftermath if peppermint and chocolate had an affair - Mintify.

The AmEgRIDeiRos

Be sure to check our Amegrideiro line-up often as we're constantly inventing new flavors.

Want a custom flavor?

Contact us and we can invent something special just for you!

Transport yourself back to the year 1621, when we first celebrated Thanksgiving, with these pumpkin delights.

 Enjoy the wonders of a coconut without a straw.

Beware; Little Berries may soon appear in your local supermarket’s fresh fruit aisle.

What started it all! This hot chocolate in a ball will leave you wondering why chocolate didn’t come in such form before. 


Peanut butter meet your match. Spread me on a slice of toast or just eat me in one bite; your choice.

Loco for Coco
Little Berry
The Original


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Pumpkin Pie

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